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"Gokce is wonderful with our son. She keeps him excited, engaged, and has definitely peaked his interest even more. Hands-on projects and weekly assignments that promote the child’s own personal interest as well. If you are looking for a great instructor to teach quality architectural education all while being fun...look no further! Arkidect is the school for you."

                                                                                                                                                                         -Jonathan Ferdinand, Parent

'Mrs. Gokce is a God send to us! My 10-year-old son aspires to be an architect and Ms. Gokce is the perfect mentor and teacher for him! She sets out a strong curriculum customized to her student. She is a very intuitive teacher and very well aware of her student's strengths and weaknesses. She knows when to challenge and push her students to be better and when it's time to respect their design choices and let them work through the challenge. She consistently follows up on assignments and is extremely generous with her time. She is a passionate teacher and really wants her students to learn the beauty and art of architecture whilst incorporating the technical aspects of it. That is NOT an easy thing to balance! Her approach is very thought-out. She delivers enthusiasm about teaching the multiple spectrum of what architecture can encompass. It's not just about building buildings. For example, she is teaching my son about various aspects of creating structures that support sustainable living. I am aware that these are seeds she is planting in which she is directing him to think and create structures that are respectful of our environment. I find this to be powerful. If my son is trained to think and create this way, at such an early age, it would only be inevitable that when he gets older, he would contribute structures for the betterment of humanity. She is perfect for us! My son has learned so much from her already. I personally find her to be such an amazing person. I highly, recommend Mrs. Gokce even if your children are not into architecture. As the saying goes it takes a village to raise a child, but I think it's best to surround your children with the wise ones. She is certainly among them!'

-Maria Valonzo- Pizarro, Parent

'She is a very talented architect as well as an amazing teacher. I love her understanding of Architecture for Kids. She catches easily their level and interest in the subject. Kids enjoy her classes for sure. I am following her page as an architect, for my kids and myself too. I highly recommend this school to every kid and parent.'

-Fatma ISIK ECE, Parent


'My 7-year-old had a great time during the tiny house workshop he did with arKiDect. Gokce's programs are always fun and informative. Her approach and attention to each kid make them feel comfortable instantly. My son learned many new architectural concepts along with measure and scale. I am happy that he had some stimulating social interaction during this time. Overall I will be signing him up for more workshops in the future and would recommend them to other parents.'

-Charmee Donga, Parent

'Brilliant architect and great with kids!! Ms. Gokce is the best!'

-Susan Liou, Parent

'My kids always love to spend time with Gokce. Her class has a very unique program and it is not only fun but also very educational. Kids can learn how to see and analyze objects or situations architecturally. Also, the class is always working on hands-on projects which makes Kids enjoy and learn joyfully. Definitely recommended.'

-Ina LEE, Parent

"My daughter has been working with Ms. Gokce for a month. She truly enjoyed the class and she learned a lot in such a short time. Ms. Gokce took the time to explain concepts to my daughter that were new to her. She gives weekly assignments and consistently follows up on them. We are so happy we found her!"

                                                                                                                                                                                -Lara Lei, Parent

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